About the Show

A Musical About The Love Story That Changed The World

Music and Lyrics by Al Kasha and Phil Swann

Book by Samantha Bennett


On November 15, 1949, in Hollywood, California, an up-and-coming young actress met a handsome movie star for dinner: it was the blind date that shaped history.

Two-time Academy Award winner and multiple Tony Nominee, Al Kasha, multiple award-winning hit songwriter, Phil Swann and acclaimed author and poet, Samantha Bennett, have woven the two-year courtship of Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis into a funny and touching two-character musical that is hilariously entertaining and startlingly poignant. A true Hollywood love story made both current and timeless.

Clocking in at an intermission-less 85 minutes, “In a Booth at Chasen’s” presents the genesis of one of the world’s most legendary romances – and how it almost never happened.  Utilizing back screen imaging, elegant ‘50s costuming and precise attention to historical detail, the show plays out on one set – the eponymous booth from the famed (and now long-lost) Hollywood landmark, Chasen’s Restaurant.

The marriage of Ron and Nancy Reagan continues to be written about, talked about, analyzed and scrutinized. To some, Ron’s unyielding devotion to his wife is to be admired and Nancy’s fierce protection of her husband is applauded. To others, their relationship seemed odd, old-fashioned and even corny. Either way, it cannot be denied that few, if any, marriages had more of an impact on the 20th century.

Ron and Nancy Reagan: you know the rest of the story, but here’s how it all began…“In a Booth at Chasen’s.”

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